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Prof. S.Kalaivani
Assistant Professor

Prof. S.Kalaivani BBA, MBA, M Phil.,

Assistant Professor

Prof. S. Kalaivani has completed her M.Phil. in Management, specializing in stress management, and her MBA in HR and Marketing Specialization from Periyar University. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience and is well-known for her teaching methodology, which involves visualizing theories and concepts for a better learning process. Additionally, she has presented numerous research papers at both National and International conferences and participated in workshops and FDPs organized by esteemed institutions. Mrs. Kalaivani has also been actively involved in club activities at MMA and served as the Coordinator of the Students’ Welfare Club. Her main interest lies in developing students’ competencies to prepare them for the competitive world. Her areas of interest include Organizational Climate, Emotional Intelligence, and Industrial Law. She has also served as a resource person for Management Development Programs.

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